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Multichain system


AZBI staking is currently live! To test our upcoming deflationary POS hybrid blockchain everyone is welcome to take part in staking...


AZBI airdrop registration will be opened on 1st of April 2020. Every qualifying participant will receive 500 AZBI each! Simple soc...

Deflationary system

Azbi utilises unique deflationary system: during each AZBI transfer 1% is burned, 3% are transferred to the staking funds wallet and...

02 What we can do ? What we can do ?

POS for commercial use

Dedicated AZBI dev portal

Smart contract support

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Secure reliable and protected

High Performance Blockchain

Deflationary system with community voting

Our partners

03 Roadmap Roadmap

August 2019


November 2019

Proposal draft and review

February 2020

AZBI Limited formation

March 2020

User base formation, advertising

April 2020

Staking rewards initialization

October 2020

AZBI Testnet bughunt (selected testers)

AZBI Testnet bughunt (public)

December 2020

AZBI Testnet launch (staking activated)

February 2021

AZBI Mainnet bughunt (selected testers)

May 2021

AZBI Mainnet bughunt (public)

July 2021

AZBI Mainnet launch (staking activated)

November 2021

Community governance activation

February 2022